Bill Hicks first talked about keeping his third eye squidgy in the 80s - admittedly by taking large amounts of psilocybin. At Thinkhouse, we have different ways of keeping our third eye squidgy - keeping our creativity, fire and drive lubricated. 

We spend a considerable amount of time (and our own money) on creative experimentation. We make time to create amazing work. We have budgets to hire and mess around with new equipment. We keep our third eye squidgy by doing things for ourselves.

Creativity is only pushed by trying new things. Sometimes, when money is involved, especially someone else’s money, there is a reluctance to take big risks. As a curious, creative team we wanted to create an environment where rules can be broken. So, we started Fuck it Friday.

If someone has an idea or a technology they’d love to try but wouldn’t be quite comfortable suggesting it to a client, we need a space where we can go: “OK look we’re going to try it and if it doesn’t work, as long as no one dies, fuck it. It’s Friday.”

So, on one Friday every month, the team takes a day to potentially fail. In this video someone wanted to pour paint over things in front of mirrors. So that’s what we did…

More recently, Ross, one of our designers, had become fixated with paper cutting. He collaborated with the rest of the team to create a series of neo-tribalism inspired paper masks that represent different aspects of youth culture: sneaker culture, gym culture and gamer culture.

A big part of keeping our third eye squidgy is constantly making sure we’re connecting with young people.

We like to party. We’ve always thrown good parties.  Parties are very important to us. Not only do we get to hang out with people we really like, but we get to transform our house into a whopper party venue and experiment with new event technologies etc...

It’s also where we meet like-minded people we’re interested in, and who are interested in us. Infact, our parties are where we often make our hires.

When it comes to maintaining a positive culture in the agency, we have Feng Shui Fridays, where we all get together on one Friday a month to reorganise the office in ways a cleaner couldn’t.

We then go out and do something fun together. One time, we had Don Conroy in to give us all a drawing class. Another time, we all went to an escape room. On another, we went on a canal boat cruise. This keeps the space we work in organised and clean and helps us to reconnect every month. A little monthly love-in - critical for keeping our third eye squidgy.

We’ve been doing Youth Culture Series documentaries for a good few years now. It is a way for us to keep our finger on the pulse of youth culture and it’s a great excuse for us to get out of the office and lubricate that third eye.

One of our more recent one was with Ivan Fahy. Ivan Fahy is an androgynous model who approached us about collaborating on a project. We thought he had a really powerful story to tell.

So, we made this…

It got a million views - because we helped someone tell their story.

Each Christmas - we make a fun piece of content - just for the hell of it. Enjoy some of our zeitgeist inspired films here….

Another way we help young people tell their stories is with YOUTH, our online magazine.

Each month we explore a different theme and we play around with a new visual aesthetic. With YOUTH, we wanted to create relevant content for young people. We wanted to dip our toe into the world of publishing, to explore it and see if we can create something ‘sticky’ that young people will be drawn to. Even more than that, with youth, we wanted to create a platform that promotes young talent through their stories and their work. It’s also another opportunity for us to collaborate with incredible creatives in a world where the physical magazine is nearly obsolete.

A recent issue on the subject of religion explored some of the darker, unusual aspects of religion today. For this one, we knew who we wanted to work with.

A bunch of us in the office had been lusting after young photographer Calvin Freeman’s Instagram feed with its eerie two-tone cityscapes. His images were a bit spooky and odd so we decided that he’d be the perfect partner for this issue. We went out into the city with Calvin one night and shot some images for each article in the issue. Check out YOUTH right here, on our website. It’s early days for this publication / project - who knows where it will take us. For now, it’s keeping us connected, keeping us squidgy and helping us honestly represent young people from around the world.

These are just some of the many ways we keep our third eye squidgy. 92% of our time is spent on client work. 8% of our time is spent on all the squidgy stuff.

Without one, we couldn’t do the other.

If you want to get squidgy with us, either by joining the team or collaborating on some project, just email or connect on social.