Life At Thinkhouse

"There is never a dull moment. At the end of the day, the experience is all about the people you share it with. They're brilliant. They're everything." Laura (27), The Youth Lab

"The boundless opportunity to explore creative ideas which make you nervous in the best way." Andy (27), Client Services

"The best thing about Thinkhouse is the culture. As a creative, we're given lots of space to try new things outside of client work. We have Fuck It Fridays where we get given a budget to try and create something fun just for the sake of it." Grace (26), Design

"Deadly people, deadly craic, deadly clients, remarkable dance skills." Aoife (27) Events

"We're an actual family. The people in these walls have become my actual friends." Kevin Goss Ross (31) Creative Director

"Love the freedom to be creative with brands and being encouraged to push beyond traditional boundaries." Johnny (29) Film