We work with The Love Network on a number of levels:

1: CREATIVE – to do the work we do, we work with hundreds of the world’s best emerging young designers, animators, photographers, technologists, poets, writers, film-makers, editors, re-touchers, finishers, shooters, directors, actors, models, stylists, sculptors, artists and comedians. We have a lot of fun, working together to push boundaries, making stuff pop and really pushing ourselves to be the very best that we can be, to bring ourselves and our brand’s, on new, exciting, creative journeys.

2: INSIGHTS – The Love Network is our database of young people (16-35 year olds) from around the world. We listen intently to their loves, hates, passions, hopes and fears. We learn, first hand, what their media habits are and what their views on life and brands are – in real time. We help the brands and organisations that we work with hear and see things through the eyes of young people. This allows us unlock deep actionable insights – the bedrock of all of our thinking and strategies.

3: COLLABORATION – for brand collaborations, we work with amazing culture-shapers and movement-makers to deliver our brand campaigns. We identify the right young people and communities, on a number of levels, using a smart combination of gut-instinct, technology and by measuring their potential impact. We have our own trusted methodology that helps us develop these collaborative, peer-promotion programs. Our methodology is designed around a ‘Scale of Relevance’ and takes into consideration a number of factors that are required to deliver Peer-Promotion / Advocacy / Endorsement campaigns that have real reach, credibility, relevance and impact.

To join our Love Network, email us on join@theyouthlab.ie.