Session Moth is about a young, Irish female professional wrestler, Karen Glennon AKA Martina - The Session Moth. Session Moth is iconic within today’s international, underground wrestling scene, but not yet recognised within mainstream culture and media. She is fresh back from Japan where she was the second Irish wrestler to ever compete for the prestigious all-female promotion STARDOM. This documentary comes as her wrestling career is about to explode...

February 25, 2019

Director: David Balfe
Executive Producers: Jane McDaid, David Coyle
Creative Director: Kevin Goss Ross
Producer: David Coffey
Production Manager: Robin Graham
Editor: David Balfe
Sound Recordist: Naomi Warren
Camera Operators: David Balfe, Matt Mantalvanos, Kevin Goss Ross, Johnny Cullen
Colourist: Kevin Goss Ross
Researcher: Naomi Warren
Graphics and Production Design: Shane Kenna, Grace Enemaku, Ross Connolly

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