1. Sksksksk 

What it looks like? A collection of S and Ks slammed together. 

What it actually means. An interjection to convey surprise, happiness and other intense emotions. Made popular by the Insta tribe VSCO girls, sksksksksksk is hyperbole manifested in a word. 

Can you use it in a sentence please? OMFG, I just insta stalked my crush and liked a picture 200 pics in. KILL ME sksksksksksksk  

2. And I oop 

What it looks like? Somebody misspelling the word oops.  

What it actually means. Made famous by legendary Kween Jasmine Masters, ‘And I oop’ first appeared in one of her YouTube videos back in 2015. ‘And I oop’ is a phrase to represent shock, surprise or embarrassment. 

Can you use it in a sentence please? Thought my parents were going out of town. Threw a banger of a session and mid-way through they arrived home, and I oop!!

3. Thot  What it looks like? The incorrect spelling of ‘that’ 

What it actually means. That Ho Over There. What started off as a sexist term, it has been reclaimed on insta by people who are proud to be insta thirsty. A Thot is a person on Insta who is not afraid to ho it up! Can you use it in a sentence please? Don’t mind me, I’m just an Insta Thot. 

4. Stan 

What it looks like? A boy's name 

What it actually means. To be a fan of someone or something. Taken from the Eminem track ‘Stan’ about an obsessed fan, stan culture has been HUGE in 2019 especially on Twitter.

Can you use it in a sentence please? Have you seen the new Billy Eilish video? We litch have no choice but to stan.

5. Wig 

What it looks like? Something you wear on your head.

What it actually means. Wig is a shortened version of the saying "wig snatched," which means that something is so exciting or shocking that your hypothetical wig literally flies off. Wig can be used as an alternative for 'shook.'

Can you use it in a sentence please? Omg, he just texted me to ask me out! Wig!!

6. Tea 

What it looks like? Something you drink

What it actually means. Best served piping hot, tea is the juiciest of gossip. Stemmed from black drag culture, the term ‘tea’ exploded in the last year thanks in part to the soaring popularity of Ru Pauls Drag Race.

Can you use it in a sentence please? Ok sis, here’s the tea 

7. Keep It 100   

What it looks like? A way of counting to 100 

What it actually means. Being authentic and truthful, basically keeping it real. Oftentimes spelt or spoken as ‘keep it one hunnit’, this phrase stems from black Hip-Hop culture and grew in popularity when Drake referenced it on his album in 2013. There is even an emoji for the phrase! 

Can you use it in a sentence please? Ok, I’m gonna keep it one hunnit with you! 

8. Snatched 

What it looks like? Something that has been grabbed 

What it actually means. Something that is ‘fierce’ or ‘on point’, especially when it comes to personal appearance.  

Can you use it in a sentence please? Girl, your outfit is snatched today!