Life Style Sports Trainer Central


Following the hugely successful Trainer Central Trainer Council campaign, which featured rising Irish stars (brand ambassadors across a number of passion points including music, fashion and MMA) Hare Squead and Cian Cowley, we wanted to partner with a brand new set of ambassadors for Trainer Central which would truly take the brand to the next level. Enter Versatile: Ireland’s hottest underground, and soon to be overground, urban music sensations.

For this campaign, we wanted to portrait a real Irish summer – not a stylised version that’s commonplace with other retail competitors. Forget Marbella, we were all about Dollymount Strand…

To really take things up a notch and truly connect with our audience, we set our sights even higher, to go where no other retailer had gone before. Working closely with our events team, we secured the sponsorship of the third stage at Ireland’s biggest urban music festival, Longitude - the first time a retailer ever partnered with this festival.

The stage was set for success.



Working with Versatile, we created LIFE STYLE SPORTS ‘Summer 18’ campaign.

Unmistakably Irish, we created a hero video, key visuals and dynamic in-store assets to capture the imagination of our audience and bring the campaign’s energy in-store. Focusing on three very recognisable summer settings – ‘bus journeys to the beach’, ‘festival camping’ and ‘the beloved ice cream van’ – jam packed with observational commentary from Casper and Eskimo Supreme, the video set social media ablaze.

Every time a post was dropped, by Life Style Sports, or Versatile themselves, engagement rates went through the roof. And soon, sales began to follow.

With things taking off in store, it was time to take on Longitude. With sponsorship of the Life Style Sports stage secured our challenge was to bring the Trainer Central proposition to life. Taking inspiration from our Summer ‘18 campaign, we created the Trainer Central Wonderland at Longitude – complete with amusement style ‘Kicks Claws’ which allowed festival goers the chance to win the freshest new trainers, a Trainer Central ice cream van complete with costume made Nike Air Max ice pops and banging tunes, and photo ops to drive new followers to the Trainer Central Instagram page.



Social media is where our audience lives. Our Instagram followers grew from just over 4,000 to 21.5K followers within a matter of weeks. The engagement levels of ‘Trainer Central’ grew by over 300% - demonstrating the relevance of the campaign with the target audience.

But did this translate into sales? In short, absolutely.  Net sales (of the ‘Trailer Central’ category) grew dramatically for the full financial year proving that THINKHOUSE truly grows brands through relevancy.

Gordon Newman, Head of Multichannel at Life Style Sports said: “We believe that brave, culturally relevant creative campaigns work, and the impact of our recent campaigns have proved that. Our big campaigns are critical - failing to nail them is not an option. With this campaign we totally nailed it.”