Magnum - Release The Beast

The main objective was to drive noise around the relaunch of the store, using Magnum’s global campaign creative ‘Release The Beast’. With the store extending its opening for the full three months of summer, we knew we had to make the launch bigger and better. But how could we follow on from year one? How could we outdo ourselves?

We needed to deliver high impact. We needed to innovative and be bold!


Over the past few years, we have seen a noticeable shift towards visual content online. The emergence and power of visual platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram have highlighted the need for businesses to think visually if they want to engage with their audience.


We identified and recruited six influencers that we know resonate with our Pleasure Seekers, and would deliver massive reach, to star in our ‘Release The Beast’ photo exhibition. Shot by our in-house photographer, Kevin Goss-Ross, the exhibition would transform our influencers - releasing their inner beast. From a snow leopard to a wolf, our in-house design team created six fiercely eye-catching and impactful images which were revealed at the exclusive launch event.

Live Editing

We knew we had to do something really bold to deliver an even more exciting launch. We wanted to be innovative with the campaign and add another layer that would really wow our Pleasure Seekers in attendance. With this in mind, we decided to deliver a first for Magnum: real-time photo editing at the launch event. Kevin Goss-Ross was on hand to photograph guests, whilst our full design team worked tirelessly on site, against the clock, live editing and morphing guests into their inner beasts. The trouble with morphing people into beasts is that beasts are covered in a retoucher’s nightmare: hair. In the run up to the event there was a lot of practise to make sure that we could deliver on the night.

“While shooting, I had a fashion photographer approach me,” said Kevin Goss-Ross, “Wide-eyed, in disbelief, he asked whether we were live editing the images. I said that we were, to which he replied that we were insane. I looked at him and just said: ‘Not insane. Just bold.’”

They completed these complicated edits with incredible speed and skill allowing us to showcase them on large screens, delivering a high impact and a totally immersive experience for impressed guests. Amazed at seeing themselves completely transformed in such a rapid fashion, guests quickly snapped images of their inner beast, happily sharing them on social media.


One week out of launch we saw a social reach of over 2.8 million and PR reach of 15.8 million.