Our Top 10 pics and clips for Heineken and Desperados at LONGITUDE.

Heineken's Live Your Music

Live Your Music puts fans centre stage as Heineken empowers them to control the experience and create memorable moments. The global platform, ‘Live Your Music’ is a celebration of more than just listening to the music but truly living it, feeling it and moving to it together in a crowd, helping the crowd understand the power they have in music moments. Live Your Music at Longitude did this at every touchpoint - by gauging the energy of the crowd by tracking noise levels, body movement and heat. The more energy unleashed by music fans in the arena, the more experiences unlocked.

At Longitude, dance fans could control the playlist to their festival as they chose the music from a custom-built control panel in The Club. They could match the beat to the mood of the room for the ultimate club experience, as they controlled the lighting, strobes and smoke. Music lovers headed to The Music Box where everyday objects became musical instruments and groups came together to make music. And for those that were more visual, The Scope Room allowed them to create graphics and GIFs that featured on the on-stage screens.

1. 360 Image.

You bring the energy. We bring the music. Together we'll make the moment. #LiveYourMusic. (Link to the actual post here.)

2. Jafaris building the crowd up.

3. The Club at Live Your Music.

4. Mango bringing the noise.

5. The Live Your Music stage.

Desperados' Inner Tequila Studios. 

Desperados Inner Tequila Studios encouraged fans' creativity through more than just music. In an Irish first, festival-goers were able to create bespoke prints through a collaboration with Damn Fine Print, where the studio’s walls themselves became screen prints for bespoke tees and totes, along with getting that festival look right with glitter and braiding from Babooshka Beauty. Fans could also add special ingredients to create their own hyper-personalised serve at a bespoke Desperados Bar.

The brand’s huge two-storey build became the go-to destination for festival-goers wanting to remix their weekend. Desperados proved that bigger is better with the studios bringing in huge crowds and a host of celebs such as Vogue Williams, Spencer Matthews, Joanne McNally, Roz Purcell and Riyadh Khalaf. It was no surprise that the bar completely sold out.

6. Inner Tequila Studios.

Having the LOLs or dancing like crazy? No matter your humour, we've the place for you. Come find us at Desperados Inner Tequila Studios.

7. Remix Day 3.

Longitude, you've been epic! Grab your mates and head down to Desperados Inner Tequila Studios to give Longitude a proper send off.

8. Remixing the weekend. 

9. The calm before the storm. 

10. Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews.