Protein World

A-list celebrity influencer for the campaign - Khloe Kardashian - emboldened this alliance by being publicly recognisable for becoming her 'best self' in front of millions of people all over the world.

Our job as a marketing agency was to create a defining moment that would connect all those factors together.

Drawing on our fundamental understanding of youth audiences, we identified the current shift in attention towards 1980s-inspired culture (think Stranger Things) which is dominating the mindsets of youth audiences right now. So, we decided to place Khloe and Protein World at the heart of one of the most celebrated entertainment genres of that decade, the movie and TV phenomenons ‘Fame' and ‘Flashdance'.

The characters in these shows all became their best selves through a mental attitude that involved focus, kindness and a connection with the mind, soul and body.

By identifying an exciting trend in culture, we connected with Khloe’s desire to be personally involved in the creative decision making. She completely fell in love with the creative, and it became a truly collaborate experience.

It is this meeting of minds and collaboration that ultimately delivered what is now being talked about as one of the most iconic fashion moments in 2017