Top 5 Social Posts

To showcase the best of Heineken Live Your Music at Electric Picnic, our production / Film Team shot & edited an immersive 360 video cube, live, on site. The 2D video doesn't quite do it justice so please check it out in all its 3D glory on Facebook here.

Fulfil asked us to launch its latest 'bar with benefits'. With this mouthwateringly delicious film, we showed that there were #NoExcusesNecessary when it comes to trying Fulfil's decadent Chocolate Salted Caramel bar.

We decided to make a cup of Frank & Honest coffee levitate to communicate its superior benefits. 

Coors Light was launching a new online game called 'The Coors Light Conga Challenge' so, with a retro-gaming aesthetics, we delivered an 8-Bit pint of Rocky Mountain refreshment.

Sometimes stop-motion animation really works to bring a product to life. Here's a neat little, recent example from our work with Barry's Tea.